Matt Hardy leads the Private Party to Impact to become the best competitor

Matt Hardy leads the Private Party to Impact to become the best competitor

Kenny Omega isn’t the only AEW Superstar who can move to Impact anymore. Add Matt Hardy and Private Party to the list.

It all started with Hardy and Private Party posting an advertisement for their tonight appearances Impact wrestling (January 19, 2021).

Their work centered around the Impact World Tag Team Championship. Chris Sabine brought James Storm to announce themselves the number one contender for the good brothers, and that’s when Hardy and Private Party appeared.

Hardy was looking to book a private party in a warm-up match, so he could make 260% of his payday. Hardy wanted to jump the goal line for a title against the good brothers. Instead, it led to a match against Sabin & Storm in the main event to win the tag team championship opportunity. It’s interesting to note that Hardy didn’t let Mark Quinn and Isiah Cassidy speak.

It’s also worth noting that Tony Khan is back with another paid commercial. He was with Jerry Lynn in the zone of influence. Khan asked Hardy to go to Impact as an answer to Don Callis’ cheats. Hardy wanted to outrun the Impact.

Khan and Lynn actually appeared in the ring to explore the main event.

In that match, Private Party was victorious via Gin and Juice. Hardy distracted the referee so Lin could catch Sabine foot in preparation for the end maneuver.

Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows praised Private Party’s efforts. The Good Brothers entered the ring for a staring, then the show concluded with a brawl between the three teams.

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There has been no announcement yet about the date of the big fight between the Private Party and the Good Brothers for Impact tag tag.

As for Kenny Omega and Don Calles, they will quit Impact to sponsor business at AEW.

This plan fits into AEW’s upcoming PPV schedule Revolution On February 27th and Impact’s insurgency On April 24th.

What do you think of the next chapter of AEW with Impact? Would you like to have a private party on call Impact wrestling?

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