Olivia Rodrigo responds to the rumored drama with Joshua Bassett

Olivia Rodrigo responds to the rumored drama with Joshua Bassett

Driver License now holds the record for most single-day song streams and most non-holiday song streams in a single day on Spotify. It’s also the fastest song to reach 100 million broadcasts on the service as well.

Not too shabby for a debut song, huh!

She added, “You have all succeeded in turning the most terrifying moments of my life into something positive and powerful.” “Sad girl forever shit.”

The short version (which has yet to be confirmed) goes as simple as this …

Around the same time that Olivia begins hinting at the breakup, Joshua is pictured having a clear lunch date with Sabrina Carpenter. Fans note that Sabrina fits in with the vague description of the girl Olivia’s ex-boyfriend left her in “driver’s license” – blond and older than her – and that the lyrics, which originally referred to a brunette, have already been altered from a previous version to suit Sabrina’s look.

There were also a bunch of other things that made it sound like a “drivers license” was about Joshua, including a cryptic video of them apparently dating in the video, as well as lyrical references that seemed to confirm the song about him (Olivia refers to the boy in question) He drives a white car, and what do you know Joshua drives a white car.)

The complete meltdown of the drama is over Here If you are interested.

“To see it work really well – to have this really painful moment in my life, and to turn it into something beautiful that can help people maybe during the tough times they’re going through, as if I’m having a hard time – it’s empowerment,” she continued. “I feel grateful that I did.”

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