Josh Duhamel talks about replacing Armie Hammer at Jennifer Lopez's wedding

Josh Duhamel talks about replacing Armie Hammer at Jennifer Lopez’s wedding

12:01 PM PDT 1/19/2021


Kate Borys

Hammer was supposed to star in the romantic comedy Lionsgate, but controversy on social media led to these plans derailing.

Jennifer Lopez Wedding gun He found a new groom.

after a week Army Hummer exit From the romantic comedy Lionsgate, Josh Duhamel is chosen as his replacement. Duhamel who appeared in Michael Bay transformers Movies, are now in negotiations.

Jason Moore, who directed pitch perfectHe is helming Wedding gun, Which contains text by New girl Creator Liz Meriwether and Mark Hammer. It tells of a couple gathering their families for a destination wedding even when they get cold. If that wasn’t enough, the whole group would be taken hostage.

Hammer and Lopez have been attached since the fall of 2020 when the project was announced at the American Film Market. The two were heading to a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic when rumors emerged of the lewd DM attributed to Rebecca The star appeared on social media and detailed these movie plans.

“I do not respond to these nonsense allegations but in light of the vicious and false attacks against me on the Internet, I cannot now conscientiously leave my children for 4 months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic,” Hummer announced In a statement dated January 13, “Lionsgate supports me on this, and I’m grateful to them for that.”

Earlier that day, a Lionsgate spokesperson stated: “Given the imminent start date of Wedding gunThrowing a request to stay away from the film, and we support him in his decision. “

The search for a Hummer replacement – Lopez is said to have had a say in the process – began immediately with Duhamel’s name emerging.

Duhamel, as represented by ICM Partners and John Carabino Management, starred in the long-running drama of the 2000s. Las vigas While it was also featured to fight giant robots undercover in the blockbuster transformers Films. wedding It is the promotion of Duhamel who in recent years has taken the lead in such The lost husband And the Think like a dog. He next starred in Netflix’s big swing Jupiter’s Legacy, Adapted from Mark Miller’s comic book due out later this year

If an agreement is reached, wedding You will likely keep the starting date in February.

Todd Lieberman and David Huberman of Mandeville, who produced the hit movie Lionsgate, are produced with Lopez, Ellen Goldsmith Thomas and Penny Medina.

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