Seoul government's advice in the style of the 1950s for pregnant women is being criticized

Seoul government’s advice in the style of the 1950s for pregnant women is being criticized

flood The City government’s Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Center has published the guidelines On its January 5 website, it includes instructions to “prepare instant foods such as curry, black bean paste and soup, so that the husband, who is unfamiliar with the cooking, can use them easily.”

The guidelines also stipulated that pregnant women “should return underwear, socks, shirts, handkerchiefs, and external tools in the drawer for the husband and children to wear for a period of 3 to 7 days while you are in the hospital,” and advised to buy a hair tie “so that it does not look disheveled, as you will not be able to wash your hair.” For a while. “

While some parts of the instruction remain online, recently criticized points have been removed. However, screenshots of the original release continue to circulate on social media.

The advice also suggested that women lose weight by doing housework such as washing dishes and cleaning.

Read the directions “Extending your hand forward when mopping the floor will help tighten your back, shoulder and arm muscles.”

And they continued: “Bring the clothes you wore before marriage or the little clothes that you want to wear after childbirth and look at them when you want to eat too much or you want to skip exercises.”

Traumatized South Koreans have initiated a petition demanding that the person in charge be punished and a public apology be offered.

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Others expressed their anger on Twitter.

“The person who wrote that, the person who reviewed it, even the Seoul city director who published it. They are all mad.” Wrote One.
“Seoul city guide For pregnant women is being Disgusting,” Wrote else. “The fact that they are trying to sacrifice women is as clear as glass marbles.”
“No one has posted it, it’s the pregnancy and childbirth information center in Seoul … I wonder what they think of women and pregnant women,” Wrote the third. “I hate this country.”

The Seoul city government declined to comment when contacted by CNN.

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