Nicki Minaj settles a copyright lawsuit, and will pay Tracy Chapman 450 grams

Nicki Minaj settles a copyright lawsuit, and will pay Tracy Chapman 450 grams

Nicki Minaj Settled a A lawsuit for copyright infringement To avoid going to trial.

The rapper, 38, must pay singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman $ 450,000 to use it illegally in 1988. Song “Baby Can I Hold You” in her 2018 song “Sorry.”

Minaj also agreed to pay Chapman’s legal fees. The offer was accepted on Thursdays, each Page six.

Chapman filed the lawsuit in October 2018 after the song “Sorry” was leaked to DJ Funkmaster Flex and circulated online. The song was not separate from Minaj’s album “Queen”.

Nicki Minaj returns to Tracy Chapman’s copyright infringement suit

The 56-year-old claimed that Minaj requested permission to use her song and Chapman did not agree to the terms. After that, Minaj allegedly came forward and used part of the song anyway.

“We have settled for one reason only. It would cost us more to go to court,” said a Minaj delegate. pitchfork.

Nicki Minaj (L) and Tracy Chapman (R) settled the copyright lawsuit.

Meanwhile, a Chapman representative said, “I am happy to have this issue resolved and grateful for this legal finding which confirms that the rights of artists are protected by law and must be respected by other artists. In this position I have been asked numerous times for permission to use my song; in each case, Politely and in time, I said categorically no. “

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“Apparently, Mrs. Minaj chose not to hear and use my song despite my clear and explicit intentions. As a freelance songwriter and publisher, I have been known to protect my work. I have never authorized my songs to be used as samples or requested a sample. This suit was the last resort – in an effort to defend About myself and my work and to protect the creative project and the expression of independent songwriters and publishers like myself. “

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