Xena v. Hercules: TV stars' Twitter dispute over Capitol protests sparks social media reaction

Xena v. Hercules: TV stars’ Twitter dispute over Capitol protests sparks social media reaction

It was a clash of superheroes, all on social media.

Xena: The Warrior PrincessToday, Thursday, superstar Lucy Lawless targeted her former partner in the “Hercules” starring actor Kevin Sorbo, because of a comment he made, speculating about the political views of some The protesters That stormed the US Capitol this week.

The drama was ignited when Sorbo, a Republican, responded to a tweet on Wednesday that included a photo of some Capitol rioters, along with the caption: “Do they look like Trump supporters? Or left-wing agitators disguised as supporters of Trump …”

Sorbo replied, “They are not like patriots to me …”.

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Despite reports describing the angry crowd as Trump supporters, some have pushed for the theory that Antifa members may have been hiding among the rioters.

Nearly 24 hours after Sorbo’s original tweet, Lawless responded with some heavy criticism towards her former star.

“No, peanuts. They are not Patriots,” she wrote. “They are your flying monkeys, the local terrorists, and the QAnon reps. They are the bags-keepers that go out and do the vicious bidding of people like you who love to wrap it up like toys and let them do the worst they can. #Save_short # Maybe

Lawless originally directed the character, Xena, on the TV show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”, in which Sorbo played the titular role, before he landed the popular spin-off show “Xena: The Warrior Princess”, which ran from 1995 until 2001.

“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” ran from 1995 until 1999, and the two actors appeared on each other’s programs.

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Users on Twitter were quick to comment on the drama among the stars of the two popular TV shows.

“You had Hercules against Xena on you[r] 2021 bingo card? One user wrote.

Another replied, “2021, Day 8: Hercules and Xena fight.”

Another wrote, “I always preferred Xena over Hercules,” apparently in the corner of her former TV fight.

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Before Sorbo published Lawless’s tweet, he wrote that “Antifa led the attack to the Capitol, dressed as Trump supporters.”

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