Huge fallout: The New Vegas mod The Frontier is finally released after seven years

Huge fallout: The New Vegas mod The Frontier is finally released after seven years

The Fallout modding community is buzzing today thanks to the release of Fallout – The Frontier, a mega model project for Fallout: New Vegas Which adds value for whole new game content to the creator of Obsidian RPG game.

Fallout – The Frontier takes the movement to the snowy streets of Portland, Oregon. However, many players remain the same: you are a courier, find yourself in the midst of a struggle between the New California Republic and the brutal Caesar Corps, and the three main mission lines will take you down the streets of Portland to discover the city’s pre-war secrets.

This is a really amazing tweak – it not only adds a new Mojave-sized map in New Vegas, almost as well Drivable vehicles, Loads of new armor and over 150 new weapons, carefully written and mature story that is not shy to show players the horrific havoc of nuclear war. Set before the events of the Battle of Hoover Dam, it puts it within Fallout’s extensive timeline, but aside from familiar factions, The Frontier is an all-new Fallout story to explore and experience.

The creators say The Frontier is “without a doubt” the biggest mod ever released for Fallout: New Vegas (or any Fallout game, for that matter), and while we can’t independently verify this, there’s a lot in the mod to support the claims. Here is the trailer:

Head over to Nexus Mods to Download Fallout – The Frontier. You will also need an 4 GB patcher, The Expanded New Vegas script, The JIP LN NVSE Plugin and Structured user interface modern. The Frontier developers also recommend using New Vegas Anti-Crash And the Modified Configuration List.

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Just be sure to follow the directions on the information page for The Frontier carefully, and you should be good to start exploring Post-Apocalypse Portland. There is, too Dedicated page on SteamWhich might be an easier way to get everything working together.

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