A YouTube competitor is suing Google for "unfair forgery" of its search algorithms

A YouTube competitor is suing Google for “unfair forgery” of its search algorithms

Rumble is suing the YouTube competitor Google In a complaint filed Monday with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of San Jose County, California, alleging that Technology giant Violates antitrust laws by “unfairly faking” search algorithms to keep traffic away from YouTube’s competitors.

“By unfairly rigging its search algorithms so that YouTube is the first listed links” above the fold “on its search results page, Google, through its search engine, has been able to improperly convert massive traffic To YouTube, depriving Rumble of the additional traffic, users, uploads, brand awareness, and revenue it would otherwise have earned. 38-page complaint States.

The US judge overseeing the Google case will sell the mutual money holding an alphabetical inventory

While Rumble has exclusive rights to the original content videos, the platform claims that Google’s “illegal anti-competition behavior” is forcing the Toronto-based company to post its videos to YouTube in order to survive.

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The lawsuit, citing analytics data related to viewing Rumble’s original content videos on YouTube, alleges that Rumble lost “an enormous amount of revenue over the 9.3 billion views Google wrongly directed to YouTube using unfair YouTube preference algorithms.”

“If a portion of these 9.3 billion views had occurred on the Rumble website instead of YouTube, that would have resulted in over 100 million additional video uploads to Rumble, which in turn would have generated billions of views on the Rumble website, Huge amounts of additional revenue for Rumble and the content creators. “

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The lawsuit also accuses Google of “illegal linking arrangement” whereby Android smartphone manufacturers are forced to include YouTube as a pre-installed app in order to use the Android operating system.

The company added, “This has also hurt and continues to damage Rumble by favoring YouTube over Rumble (and other platforms, which hurts competition as well as Rumble).” “Since a lot of online searches for videos are done on smartphones, this also ensures that Google’s YouTube platform receives unfair preferential treatment. Consequently, Google has wrongly gained a monopoly on the online video sharing platform market.”

Rumble is seeking damages of more than $ 2 billion that the company claims it has incurred and “continues to maintain as a direct result of Google’s antitrust violations.”

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Google spokesman Jose Castaneda told FOX Business in a statement: “We will defend ourselves against these unfounded allegations.”

Rumble is the latest to accuse Google of antitrust violations related to its advertising and search practices, below Two cases from four private publishers Last month and two additional antitrust measures filed before Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton And the Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

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