Wayne Brady talks about whether to host "Jeopardy" or not!

Wayne Brady talks about whether to host “Jeopardy” or not!

Wayne Brady It moves between several projects in 2021, but can hostDanger!“Is it another party?”

His actor, host and producer Next game show On Fox, he is called “Game of Talents” and is currently developing a new comedy series for CBS based on his mixed family.

Brady, who has partnered with Royal Canin To host the second annual Puppy Pre-Show, which will air ahead of the brand’s AKC National Championship, he spoke to Fox News about whether he would consider adding “Jeopardy!” To its already full layer.

Brady was hesitant.

“Why am I actually hosting a show while I’m an actor, and that [show has] Wonderful legacy. And who’s hosting it, I’m sure it will be very amazing because that’s what they want to do. ”

‘Danger!’ TAPS MAYIM BIALIK, KATIE COURIC and more to host guests

“That’s a very specific kind of show. So I’d rather watch it than host it. I’ve got [own] Brady added.

The Emmy Award Winner Hopes Who Takes Over “Jeopardy”! Full time pays respect for late, great Alex Trebek, Who died in November after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Wayne Brady is working on his upcoming CBS comedy series based on his mixed family.
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Trebek began hosting the popular game show in 1984 and has presided over 8,000 episodes.

Meanwhile, “danger!” Producers announced Wednesday that Ken Jennings, Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker, and Mayim Bialik “will take on their role as guest hosts … and as part of each guest appearance, a donation will be made to their own charity.” Twitter account said.

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‘Danger!’ Best advice given by superstar Ken Jennings by Alex Trippek

Brady said he is now focusing on writing his new CBS show.

He explained, “It is about my mixed family, consisting of my daughter, her mother, my ex-wife and my ex-wife’s friend, and the four of us get together and form our nuclear family.”

“I think it’s funny. It’s inspired by our real life and the situations we find ourselves in. I think it’s related because it’s ambitious too. There are a lot of people who want to be able to form a relationship with their ex. But Brady said,” It’s all about work. That’s what the show is about, really. It’s about the work it takes to be that family. ”

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The actual AKC National Championship premiere is broadcast on January 17 on ABC.

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