SpaceX has completed the largest shipment launch of 143 satellites

SpaceX has completed the largest shipment launch of 143 satellites

SpaceX It has completed launching a historic payload of 143 satellites into orbit, the agency announced.

The company has delivered 133 commercial and government spacecraft along with 10 Starlink satellites as part of its Flight Sharing mission, making it the largest deployment in a single mission.

The two-stage Falcon 9 rocket blasted off Sunday morning, marking the fifth mission in which the Booster Transporter-1 was used. According to

release Has been delayed From Saturday due to bad weather.

The Transporter-1 booster was previously used to launch a communications satellite for the South Korean Army, a number of other Starlink satellites and a Dragon cargo capsule for a space station resupply mission.

NASA’s test of the “ most powerful rocket in the world ” has component malfunctions

After launch, Falcon 9 deployed satellites across dozens of waves through a 90-minute window after takeoff. I mentioned Ars Technica.

Carrier 1 has returned to Earth aboard an unmanned ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The drone ship is named “Of course I Still Love You” after a culture novel by Ian M. Banks, as are all of SpaceX’s drone ships.

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SpaceX claimed That this was the first spread of a constellation – a term for a group of satellites – into a polar orbit.

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