HP launched two new Dragonfly laptops with 5G tracking and Tile

HP launched two new Dragonfly laptops with 5G tracking and Tile

Both the G2 and Max can be configured with 4G or 5G connectivity to stay connected to the internet wherever you are. And while both have 13.3-inch IPS touchscreens, they are available in different configurations. The G2 comes in a low-power HD version, a Full HD version with HP Sure View privacy feature and a UHD option that supports HDR400 and increases brightness up to 1000 nits. Meanwhile, the Max is only available with a full HD display with a resolution of 1000 nits with a built-in privacy shield.

Like the original, both new dragonflies are very thin and light. G2 weighs less than a kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) while the Max is heavier for hair at 1.1 kg (2.49 lbs). While some of Dragonfly’s original releases offer a tile tracking feature, you had to attach the tags to the computer yourself, which makes it no different than just purchasing your tracker to stay on the device. Both new Dragonflies come with tile trackers built into the WLAN module, which makes even more sense.

The two new laptops look very similar, but as its name suggests, the Max has some bonuses. For one, it has a 5MP webcam with an infrared sensor for signing in to Windows Hello. This is one of the sharpest cameras on a laptop we’ve seen so far. The G2 has the same 720p (1.2MP) webcam with infrared sensor as the original camera.

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