‘Danger!’  Champion Ken Jennings apologizes for “insensitive” tweets

‘Danger!’ Champion Ken Jennings apologizes for “insensitive” tweets

Ken Jennings apologized for previous comments to social media. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage)

Ken Jennings Apologizes.

The Danger! Champ, consultant producer and soon-to-be temporary host, said in a flurry of messages Wednesday that he has tweeted “some impolite and insensitive things” over the years. He explained that many of the words “served as jokes” in his head, but was “horrified to see how it was read on the screen.” He did not delete it because he felt it would be “a whitewash of a mistake,” but he did say he had not adhered to everything he had said in the past.

Jennings said, “Sometimes I’ve been saying stupid things in a way that is stupid and I want to apologize to people who have been offended (really!).” “It was not my intention to hurt anyone, but it didn’t matter; I failed. I’m really sorry.”

In his last post on the topic, Jennings said, “If 2020 teaches us anything, we should be kinder to each other. I look forward to heading into 2021 with that in mind.”

Ken Jennings posted a series of tweets apologizing for anyone offending him on social media.  (Image: Twitter)
Ken Jennings posted a series of tweets apologizing for anyone offending him on social media. (Image: Twitter)

Jennings’ comments come less than two weeks before he begins his assignment as temporary host for Danger! next the death From the previous host Alex Trebek In November.

The announcement that Jennings would provide evidence was not surprising Danger! Fans who know him well. He made his debut on the show in 2003, when he appeared in 74 consecutive matches – the longest winning streak in the show’s history. In 2011, he became famous for playing and lost to IBM’s Watson computer. Beat a teammate Danger! The James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter Championship Winning J.reatest of all time The championship is at the peak. Jennings became very attached to Danger! He joined the show as a consulting producer and occasionally appeared to provide clues when the 37th season debuted in September.

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This does not mean that everyone was happy to announce that Jennings would be interfering with Trebek’s role, even if only temporarily. an actress Yvette Nicole Brown Others on Twitter opposed the choice, citing his previous tweets. to me IndyWireBrown referred to one of the September 22, 2014, in which Jennings said, “Nothing is sadder than a sexy person in a wheelchair.” He addressed her four years later, when someone retweeted his words. Jennings said, “I have never done a public flogging, but I have personally apologized for the angry / hurting people I came into contact with personally.” “It was such an inept joke that it meant something completely different in my head [and] I’m sorry for the obvious reading of that. ”The tweet has since been deleted.

The offer delegates could not be reached for comment.

Danger! A retrospective of Trebek’s best episodes airs this week. Starting January 4, viewers can watch the last week of episodes that Trebek recorded. The first Jennings-hosted episodes are scheduled to air on January 11th.

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