The US judge overseeing the Google case will sell the mutual funds that own Alphabet shares

The US judge overseeing the Google case will sell the mutual funds that own Alphabet shares

A federal judge hears an antitrust case filed by the US Department of Justice Google On Friday, he said he directed his financial advisors to immediately sell the mutual funds he owns that hold Alphabet Inc. shares. Native to the search engine.

Separately, Google said in a brief court note that it would not request dropping the case at an early stage based on procedural issues.

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The company said its initial response to the October complaint, which has been joined by more than a dozen prosecutors, will be filed by February 15.

Judge Amit Mehta in Washington said he knew of this investment funds He and his wife keep the Alphabet stock and direct their sale.

Google faces more antitrust scrutiny as a new lawsuit for state attorneys general

Mehta said, “Neither my wife nor I directed the purchase of this particular money; we recommended it, and we agreed to buy it. We did not know at the time that this money contained Alphabet’s shares.”

He added that he directed financial advisors to monitor all future purchases.

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Mehta said he did not believe he was required to step down, but said that any objections to his continued oversight of the case could be raised no later than January 20.

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He is also expected to oversee an antitrust lawsuit against Google that was filed last month by 38 other US states and territories, including Colorado and Nebraska.

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