The amazing Super Mario art combines the wrath of Cart and Yoshi Island

The amazing Super Mario art combines the wrath of Cart and Yoshi Island

Earlier this week, Nintendo pulled the curtain off the final half of the Super Mario 3D World + Fury BowserThe new mode is sure to catch the attention of fans. Chariot anger Mario and Bowser Jr. will be forced to work together to stop the Kaiju-inspired transformation that has taken over the Bowser. Nintendo released an amazing piece of art for two characters staring at the (much larger) villain, and a fan decided to take that photo and rework it in style. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island. While the original Nintendo face art was really cool, the pixel art snapshot by GBrothersStudio on Twitter might be more impressive!

The art from GBrothersStudio can be found embedded below.

Released again in 1995, Yoshi island It quickly became one of the most beloved titles on the Super Nintendo. The game was completely different from the original game Super Mario World, But its great art style made it one of the most outstanding Nintendo games ever. Bowser Jr. is not presented. To the franchise until 2002 Super Mario Sunshine, But the character fits perfectly with Yoshi Island Aesthetic, as GBrothersStudio clearly demonstrates. Yoshi island It mostly featured brighter sites, but the game included some dark spots, and GBrothersStudio channels are fine. It’s not the kind of synthesizer most Mario fans expect, but the whole thing looks great!

When it appears on Switch, Cart Severe anger It will be presented alongside another Mario classic: Super Mario 3D World. Released on Wii U in 2013, the game features isometric perspective, and levels that can be enjoyed with a single player, or in a group of four. The game allows players to choose between Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi and Rosalina, despite last week’s trailer for Chariot anger This led to speculation that a sixth playable character could be added to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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Super Mario 3D World + Fury Bowser It will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on February 12th. You can check all our previous coverage of the game Here.

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