Sony reveals design and release schedule for Airpeak drone

Sony reveals design and release schedule for Airpeak drone

Sony originally Advertise AirpeakEntry into drones, late last year. Today as part of its CES announcements, the company He revealed some additional details: That is, what does the drone look like.

Very little information has been provided about how the drone will operate, with Sony focusing instead on showing what we can expect when it comes to designing and building the Airpeak (although no details were provided on its size or weight). The drone has a rectangular central body with a pivot attached below it where the Sony Alpha camera is. The legs fold up after the drone takes off to give the camera the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees during unobstructed flight. The drone is a quadcopter design and each arm appears to have a carbon fiber motor and rotor.

In a video posted on Twitter and in the image below, a stand-alone rotating camera is shown as well as what appears to be two other cameras in a strap at both the front and the back (they could also be sensors) indicating the most likely use for navigation in flight while the operator can The second focus is on photography. This mirrors the design of the latest release from DJI Inspire.

Airpeak will be officially launched in Spring 2021.

“Sony launched the brand Airpeak with the goal of further developing drone technology today while maximizing added value,” the company says on its official website. “As the first phase of this project, Sony will launch a new business targeting professional photography and video production in Spring 2021.”

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The video below gives a long and detailed look at how the drone took off and operated in flight.

Sony specifically states that the drone will support Sony Alpha cameras, but has said nothing about other camera models.

Sony writes: “In order to fully support the creativity of video makers, the drone payload can be equipped with an alpha mirrorless camera to capture high-quality, full-frame photos and videos.” “Airpeak, the smallest class of drones in the industry that can be fitted with an alpha system, is capable of dynamic imaging, accurate and stable flight, and aims to contribute to the world of entertainment while pursuing new possibilities for creative expression.”

Sony has posted some pictures of the drone on its website with the following videos:

It should be noted that hardly any cables are visible connecting the Alpha’s camera to the drone, hinting that the connection may be compressed and unobtrusive, which is always a plus.

It is unclear if Sony has other plans to explain more about Airpeak at CES or whether it will wait to reveal more as the launch date approaches.

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