Razer is adding a smart twist to the N95 face mask at CES 2021 with the Project Hazel concept

Razer is adding a smart twist to the N95 face mask at CES 2021 with the Project Hazel concept

Razer takes Active Filter Mask.

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Razer’s gaming lifestyle might seem oddly appropriate Corona Virus– Face mask protection paid, but based on his Project Hazel concept design N95– A first class face mask, it brings some outstanding ideas for adding digital intelligence to the table.

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Razer’s CES 2021 concept pieces are a smart mask and …


For example, it has active ventilation and automatic sterilization, with a separate case that can charge it wirelessly and a UV sterilizer. It uses replaceable filters and rechargeable fans on the capsules, which aim to make it a sustainable solution.

Razer thing adds extra lighting. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing: LEDs on the pods indicate the state of charge, and there are also interior LEDs that make your mouth visible in low light. And the pods have sound processing algorithms built in to make your voice more clear and natural.


Project Hazel has a sterilization box that also ships capsules wirelessly.

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The mask has silicone around the edges for a secure seal and adjustable ear loops, and you can adjust the amount of airflow for maximum comfort and protection. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes. And it is transparent so that people can see your mouth move.

Razer isn’t the first to re-imagine a high-tech face mask – there this is And the this is And the this is, For example – and it will not be the last. But Razer brings its design aesthetic to the drawing table.

Will it become true? Who do you know. And even if this is the case, it will likely not be within the reach of the people who need it most. However, Razer’s heart (and mind) appears to be in the right place.


Indoor LED lights make your mouth visible in low light.

The scanner

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