Moderna CEO says protection from the COVID-19 vaccine could last for years

Moderna CEO says protection from the COVID-19 vaccine could last for years

Moderna CEO said the company’s new COVID-19 vaccine could prevent infection for years.

Speaking at a hypothetical event by Oddo BHF, a financial services group, Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel said that a “nightmare scenario” that was previously thought a vaccine would not work is now out of the window. “We think there will be potential protection for a period of two years,” Bansel said.

He explained that “the degradation of the antibodies resulting from the vaccine in humans decreases very slowly.” Reuters Reports.

However, questions remain about elderly patients because, as with every virus, their immune system declines over time, Bansel said.

The CEO also said Moderna is close to proving the effectiveness of its vaccine against others Variants of the CoronavirusReuters reports.

The United States has it Shipments received Shots of Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, both of which required two doses several weeks apart. The second dose should be from the same company as the first. Both vaccines appeared to be safe and strongly preventive in large studies that had not yet been completed.

In November, talk Advertise The effectiveness of his vaccine against COVID-19 was 94.1% and the effectiveness of his vaccine against severe COVID-19 was 100%.

Pfizer announced that their vaccine is 95% efficiency Against COVID-19 starting 28 days after the first dose. that He did not say how long The vaccine will continue, but he added that the vaccine trial will continue for an additional two years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that because infections with COVID-19 can return, people who have already contracted the virus should receive the vaccine. It is still unclear how long the natural immunity, or immunity a person acquires from an infection, will last. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Natural immunity varies from person to person, and some evidence suggests that it may not last long for COVID-19.

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