Look inside the private plane Biden flew to his inauguration

Look inside the private plane Biden flew to his inauguration

  • President Joe Biden flew to Washington, D.C. on a private Boeing 737, rather than an Air Force plane.
  • The plane that has turned into a private jet is a favorite among the wealthy due to its range and spacious cabin.
  • Amtrak was the president’s first transportation option, but security concerns canceled the plan.
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President Joe Biden arrived in Washington, D.C. prior to his inauguration not on a USAF plane, but on a chartered private jet.

The Boeing 737 Biden business jet flew from Delaware New Castle Airport to Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday, transporting the then president-elect to the nation’s capital in style and luxury as the plane is usually reserved for the upper class of private travelers. Biden used a similar but less luxurious 737 during the election campaign afterward At first he turned down one.

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California’s Jet Edge International operates a passenger plane that has been turned into a private jet, and is a true aviation penthouse apartment complete with a master bedroom and shower on board. The plane is ideal for transcontinental flight as the amenities allow it to be a true home away from home.

Biden only used the plane on a brisk jump of 78 nautical miles Security concerns thwarted the president’s preferred means of commuting between the two citiesAmtrak. It will likely be his last flight on the plane where he will be able to access a file An entire fleet of luxury military aircraft and helicopters To take him to wherever he wants to go.

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Now that the president has stopped using the 737, anyone who can rent it can afford it. The cost of one hour on board is likely to be tens of thousands of dollars.

Take a look inside the Boeing Business Jet 737.

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