Kevin Feige, Cast and More (Live Recap)

Kevin Feige, Cast and More (Live Recap)

On a Sunday afternoon, the cast and crew in charge are brought up WandaVision It was put together by default for a press conference to discuss the upcoming Disney + series. WandaVision It is the first Disney + series to come from Marvel Studios after unexpected schedule changes throughout 2020, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s jump to the front of the Marvel feature-length franchise has now been well received. The series is directed by Matt Shackman and written by Jack Schaeffer, and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Tionah Paris and Catherine Hahn. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, is a producer.

All the names mentioned above joined the virtual press conference on Sunday, a live broadcast special where they discuss the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time since then. Avengers: Endgame And the Spider Man: Away from home Infinity Saga closed in the summer of 2019.

When the press conference begins at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PDT, this article will be updated periodically for the duration of the conference. Full coverage will be found here and at such as exclusive interviews, trailers, and more WandaVision Bit continues to be asked. For more, adjust Stage zero Podcast on January 15th and every Friday.

They are beings

Jalil White, comedy series star himself Family affairs, He runs the press conference. White has worked with Shacman in the past. Submit the scoreboard. White starts out with Olsen, and asks about working in front of a live audience.

“That was the first thing we released,” she said. “It was nerve-wracking and there was a lot of adrenaline, a lot of rapid changes, and it totally confused my mind.” “I was really grateful when we added the fourth wall!” It took her a minute to figure out how not to perform for the audience but fuel their energy. “I think it was a merger of Mary Tyler Moore and Elizabeth Montgomery and I think I dumped some Lucy in the 1970s because there was a great deal of physical comedy.”

What makes a vision true at all times?

“It’s always become something else. It’s Jarvis, part Altron, part Tony Stark. He’s all-powerful,” the Bettany System. “He’s gullible … I realized I’m going to throw a little Dick Van Dyck in there, a little Hugh Laurie … I think what Vision is just decent, honorable, and there is Wanda.” The vision needs “a lot of wigs” to integrate into society. “

Has Han ever had a neighbor as curious as her character?

“We had a neighbor who looked a lot like this as well,” says Han. “Tati would pop up without warning.”

Paris asks about Monica Rambo as the character.

Basically, in WandaVisionWe capture who she is now as an adult woman. We find what happened to her, and what happened to her in a hiatus, ‘Rambo said. “We’ll see Monica join Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, and Mrs. Marvel in.” Captain Marvel 2!


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She continued

Shacman explained in detail how production design, performances, laughter tracks, dialect coaches, and more all contributed to bringing together different eras of the series. “It got so crazy, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone, but we’re going on a good trip,” Shacman says of the eras to come in three episodes.

White asks Schaeffer about Wanda and Vision’s past relationship and how WandaVision is strengthening that.

Schaeffer said: “Wanda and Vision, as a couple, is a fan favorite.” “Their love story was very tragic but really warm and intimate. We have seen them in these stolen moments in the MCU … what we have with WandaVision… Should we open the stage and space for them while they are in this home area? We can see them doing the dishes in the kitchen …. all the things that household members do that you wouldn’t see a superhero taking part in. We come out of these tremendous moments in the MCU and then in WandaVision It’s so cute, cute, that it just isn’t.

How was she maneuvering in writing the dialect?

“It was more like an accent or a piece of art,” she says. “At first, it was really a research thing … then as we moved forward, the 1980s sitcoms burned in my actual DNA so that wasn’t a big challenge.

Will there be more Marvel sitcoms?

“We’ll see. That was our test,” says Fiji. “Marvel has had a lot of good successful TV shows in the past. This was Marvel Studios’ first experience,” he continued, noting that this is the film crew. “The idea was always, yeah, to do something that couldn’t be done as a feature that manipulated coordination and manipulated the mediator. There were a lot of meetings before everyone understood what we were trying to achieve … we’re able to turn a wacky idea into a foolish show … it turns out … That this is Disney + debut in the MCU. ”


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How did they get to know the physical movements from different decades better and how did they develop ??

“There is a lot of comedic and physical comedy early on,” Bethany said. “Fortunately, by the time we got to the 90s, they all made me look so silly that I didn’t have to work hard in order to laugh.”

“The way women move over the decades changes a lot when it comes to what society wants from them,” says Olsen. “Jack wrote a few nods about how she evolved, during the 1960s, she was wearing some pants that would modify how someone moves in space … Ethics was a big part of every decade. We’re going to have this book depicting etiquette at the time.” . She points out that this is not a true sitcom, but a world in which they act as if it were a true sitcom.

Was there any hesitation in starting the fourth stage of the MCU with WandaVision, Given how different are they? Are Marvel fans more at risk?

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“I hope he says, ‘Get ready for new and new,’” says Feige. “ Certainl, with Disney + opportunities, has allowed us to creatively expand what we do. [TFATWS] He was making his debut last year, and soon enough to follow WandaVision. Creatively, it has not been modified. “This does not require any confusion whatsoever in terms of creativity … As is often the case when curved balls are thrown, the unexpected often serves MAavel studios very well and we are well served in this case because this show, being our first show , I love how daring it is … We have things that you will only be able to see in the beginning in theaters … This has been made a lot to watch it week after week on TV and it’s totally different for us. “

They have a plan to mix things up, but “I’m not saying we were ready for a global pandemic, we weren’t.”



How they mastered the color transitions from a cinematic point of view in how intense moments contrast with the sitcom’s format.

“It was kind of a twilight zone,” Shacman said. “This is the way we treated her shooting and how it looked.”

“Twilight Zone has had an enormous impact on me personally,” said Shaffer. “He was very good at that juncture. You think you are in one thing and then suddenly it turns upside down. We all liked it. There are a lot of current shows right now, the prestige series, where you watch two episodes and think the show is one thing and then the episodes.” 4 or 5 flips the text.

Insights for HYDRA or MCU reference in commercials?

“Commercials were an early idea of ​​this,” Feige said of how the real world would leak into the sitcom of Everything: “If that’s the first thing you see from Marvel, the MCU, it’s just an odd version of a commercial in the 1950s or 1960s. If you’ve watched all of these movies, you might be able to start relating what all of these things have meant from the past. “

Updating …


She continued

Was there anything that they caught up in the decades-old sitcoms that they refused to include in this one?

“When we looked back and were doing our research … there were offers that were somewhat disappointing and they weren’t acceptable today,” said Schaeffer. “We had a really cool clerk’s room full of people who part of our job was observing these things. As Matt said, we weren’t focused on family sitcoms … The family piece got us so centered. I can’t talk about the bigger puzzle about what the show is, but … That was also a piece that kept us on the right track. “

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How was Catherine Hahn chosen?

“In my memory, this all happened very quickly,” said Fiji. Han came to attend a public meeting, which is a rarity at Marvel Studios. “She was a fan of what we were going to do and we like her and at exactly the same time we were sitting in that writing room trying to figure out who should be playing Agness … Usually this game is absolutely perfect … it also enhanced the character’s voice. Who is the world’s greatest curious neighbor right now? Not in real life, Catherine, I’m not sure, but on screen! ”

Did Feige see anything in his making The Mandalorian Who apply to it WandaVision?

WandaVisionWe had all been in full swing long before seeing The Mandalorian, Feige said, “There are many, many more Mandalorine What inspired us in Marvel Studios, not least the theater craft that was used in some upcoming projects … It was amazing to see the marketing function Disney did at the event … These projects are on Disney + _ are just as important as the projects that are being rolled out in theaters … they definitely showed they could do that at Disney + with Mandalorian. Week-to-week fun, discussion, and sometimes series just drop by once on streaming services, and I think Disney + was too smart to talk weekly … “Talks are credited for helping build excitement and looking for Ward to have this happen with WandaVision.”

How does Olsen manipulate using Wanda’s powers in the sitcom?

“I can’t shake my nose, so we had to find something that was translation,” Olsen admits. The effects team became “two doll drives that float in the sky and manipulate magnets to make things spin.” There was also “persistence” and “trying to remember your body” for the next time when an outfit or something changed.

How would you describe Wanda Maximov WandaVision?

She was describing WandaVision As a family sitcom of two people trying to blend in and not discovering being different, “Olsen says.


She continued

How did the MCU events affect Monica and Agnes’ lives?

“They definitely went through some things and saw some things,” says Paris. “In fact, we learn, in particular, what those things Monica watched and went and how they shaped her life. I don’t want to give up so much because we’re actually going to touch a lot of that because we’re going through the show.”

“There is always this guy sitting on the sofa and sitting on the sofa, but his personal life, you can never know anything about him,” Han says. “This classic way I was able to walk through it like Agness with all those beautiful metaphors behind me to build on.”

Where does the fourth stage end? Feige will not comment.

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