Alex Van Hallen "Not into Bulls Business --- Ting" Online

Alex Van Hallen “Not into Bulls Business — Ting” Online

to me Alex Van HallenThe only people who really understood the mechanisms of creativity in Van Hallen Is he and his brother, Eddie.

Alex explained in an interview, “All these people write books about the band and know nothing about the inner workings of this group.” Modern drummer, Which took place in August 2020 and was recently published as part of Modern Drummer Legends Vol. 2 – Alex Van Halen Book. “Ed and I don’t say anything because we’re not in the business of bullshit on the Internet, books and all that kind of nonsense. We just want to play. Simply.”

Despite its status as one of the biggest bands on the planet, Van Halen was known for media shyness in later years, only giving interviews on rare occasions. While this privacy helped build the group’s puzzle, it also allowed foreigners to make assumptions about Van Halen that, according to Alex, were often wrong.

“All the people who think they know how to operate a band, maybe even Dave [frontman David Lee Roth], There weren’t 100 percent all the time, ”Alex explained, noting that even his other band mates weren’t fully aware of the work the Van Hallen brothers did.

“Ed and I are the only ones there day and night. When they leave, Ed and I come back and do shit. Or Ed, Wolf.” [Eddie’s son, Wolfgang] I come back and work on it. The word “work” sometimes means just operating it, or Aid ending a piece of it. So when we get into the studio to actually record it, and there is friction, it’s easy to say, “The brothers are fighting again.”

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This “friction” was often fodder for popular newspapers, as writers regularly speculated about controversies within Van Hallen. While the band has definitely had their share of real upheavals, Alex insists he and Eddie have always been on solid ground.

“Being in a band is not different from any other regional conflict. Everyone is trying to claim a certain piece of land. The real solution is to play together, and play as one unit.” “You are much stronger this way,” explained the drummer. “Conflict is a good thing up to a point.” Conflict causes friction, it causes heat, but once it reaches a certain point, it is not a good thing. “

Even in the months following Eddie’s death, Alex largely stayed out of the spotlight. While other former Van Halen teammates – including Roth, Wolfgang, and Sami Hajer And the Michael Anthony – They’ve been interviewing since Eddie’s death, only Alex released One quote, A message was delivered to Van Hallen News Office Which says, “Hey, Ed. I love you. See you on the other side. Your brother, Al.”

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