A massive sinkhole engulfs at least 3 cars outside a hospital in southern Italy

A massive sinkhole engulfs at least 3 cars outside a hospital in southern Italy

a I opened a huge hole In southern Italy on Friday, Swallowing at least three cars In a nearby hospital, authorities said that electricity was cut off briefly.

Officials said that homes in the neighborhood, including a home for Covid-19 patients, had been evacuated, but it appeared that there were no injuries due to the crater in Naples.

Authorities said the Covid-19 housing contained six patients who had been transferred.

The sinkhole opened under the largely empty visitor car park at Al Bahr Hospital. The electricity and water service was stopped briefly, but backup systems allowed operations to continue.

A sink hole in the parking lot of the Ospedale del Mare Hospital, where people come to test for Covid-19, on the outskirts of Naples, after the ground collapsed early on January 8, 2021, destroying some vehicles.Siro Fusco / AFP – Getty Images

“To be honest, we were also concerned about the collapse of all facilities and that the hospital’s activity might be at risk,” said provincial governor Vincenzo de Luca.

“Alhamdulillah, this did not happen. We had a blackout, but the electricity has been restored and now we have no problem providing care.”

The 21,527-foot crater was about 66 feet deep.

“It is almost certain that rainwater from the past few days caused the leak that led to the collapse,” Chief Firefighter Cmdr. Enyo Aquilino Sky News said. “There will be more technical inspections, but the main premise is this.”

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