7-time Classic Tetris champion Jonas Neubauer has died at the age of 38

7-time Classic Tetris champion Jonas Neubauer has died at the age of 38

We have left a giant in esports, as Jonas Newpower has departed for the World Series of Classic Tetris seven times.

The esports world is saddened tonight to hear Jonas Neubauer lose. Considered one of the greatest players in the world of Classic Tetris, having won the World Classic Tetris Championship seven times over the course of his illustrious career.

The news comes from Neubauer Twitter Account:

With a sad heart, we deliver the bad news of Jonas’ death from a sudden medical emergency.
It was the best ever. We are devastated, overwhelmed with grief, and really miss it.
Information to follow as it becomes available.

Vince Clemente of the World Series Classic Tetris has communicated with Shacknews a short while ago. Issued the following statement, which will rise on World Classic Tetris Championship The site is coming soon.

With hearts broken we share the sudden death of Jonas Newbauer, 7-time CTWC champion, on January 4.

Jonas has been one of the absolute pillars of positivity and modesty to the CTWC family. We’ve never been asking for a bigger hero, role model, and friend. He was cute, real, cheerful, incredibly talented, and a brilliant ambassador for the game. While he was the oldest final boss, he always had the warmest heart. He will live as legend for our community and many others around the world.

Jonas, we miss you, we love you, and we thank you for inspiring us to always be our best.

Rest in peace our great hero.

The 38-year-old Newpower has been competing in the professional circuit of Classic Tetris since 2010. Shacknews had the honor to speak to the champion seven times at 2019 World Classic Tetris Championship, Where he spoke about his competitive career, his love for Tetris, the pressures of competition against a new, rising group of players, and his appearance on ABC’s To Tell The Truth.

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Shacknews will watch this story as it develops. We would also like to send our deepest condolences to the Neubauer family, including his wife Heather Ito.

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